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Support “The Agriculture Experience”

“The Agriculture Experience” is building partnerships with a vision to grow future leaders, build communities and strengthen rural agriculture.

When you support “The Agriculture Experience”, you are investing in the future of Longton, Elk county, Kansas and American agriculture as a whole. Rest assured, your investment has a marked return and a long-term impact on future generations.

It is very fulfilling to see the change that occurs in a young person because of their education.  Through involvement as a volunteer, mentor, advocate or donor, you will be changing lives.  Students participating will not only finding newly developed skills and identifying career paths, but they will also increase their confidence and abilities to become future leaders.

“The Agriculture Experience” is a modern example of career and technical education and promises to be a change agent. By supporting agricultural education, you influence the good it brings to young people who are searching for purpose, a sense of direction, and insight to their full potential.  What motivates you to support youth?  Is it because you relate to their situation?  Perhaps you are grounded in agriculture, value your history and the impact it has provided on your life and others?

Agriculture is always in the midst of change but with the world population growing change must happen even faster. Feeding mankind and caring for our natural resources requires innovation, and our best and brightest to address the challenges and embrace the opportunities of the future.  Our purpose is to ensure young people in our schools have access to quality classroom instruction, work-based learning, and leadership development. “The Agriculture Experience” makes that possible through agricultural education.

Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. When you partner with “The Agriculture Experience”, you become a catalyst for change.

“The Agriculture Experience” will change lives.  With your investment support and generous contribution, together we can make a difference. as

Every dollar received supports students and educational opportunities.

Whether you donate your time, make a monetary donation or sponsor an event, “The Agriculture Experience” values your influence in supporting the growth of the program, our schools, community and the next generation of agricultural leaders.

We look forward to your support and helping you find a way to leave your legacy to support your community and its future.


The following are key questions to assist in gaining donors. To write this piece you all will need to come up with the answers. Once that is complete you will be well positioned to start looking for support. you for continuing to support all of the educational initiatives ______________——–we promote at National FFA.

  •  What are the organization’s key strategies for making this happen?
  • What are the organization’s capabilities for doing this?
  • How will they know if they are making progress?