The Agriculture Experience

Developed for students

Why should students participate?

To experience this unique opportunity to explore and develop skills and education in their chosen career areas of agriculture. Students have access to experiences better preparing them for post-secondary education and careers in agriculture. With students able to get hands-on real-life opportunities they are more likely to determine their career interests before spending increased tuition costs for expensive post-secondary education. The experience assists students from changing their minds later in the education process spending increased dollars and time on more education. Students will utilize experiences and available educational facilities to assist them in receiving awards and recognition and access potential post-secondary scholarships. The experience allows students to develop an experience resume increasing their potential for specialized training, internships and ultimately a career in their chosen area of interest.


Will students have access to academic subjects to complete their education?

All students will have a specific curriculum assigned to them to ensure they meet graduation requirements allowing them to graduate on time. The Agriculture Experience is intracurricular using an inquiry based education process. This allows students to bring science, math and technology to life utilizing the principals and theories from their classes to be used in practical situations.  The combination makes learning fun, interesting and understandable.

How many days a week will students attend The Agriculture Experience?

The school week will run from Monday through Thursday each week. Students will have a unique opportunity to gain new friendships and acquaintances during “The Agriculture Experience” and be home three days a week to continue their home experience with family and friends as usual. The experience will allow students to grow their network with key influencers, mentors and an increased number of lifelong friends.

Where will students stay during their education experience?

The students will be living in a well supervised setting developed with their needs in mind.  Housing is complete with planned meals, individualized sleeping and studying quarters, laundry facilities and recreation opportunities.   Each student will be responsible for cleaning, household chores and will have a positive living environment.


Will students have access to extra-curricular activities?

In developing the students Supervised Agriculture Experience Program one option they will have is to become a part of a livestock showing team. This will allow a student to own and care for an animal on the school land lab. They will experience the selection of their animal, feeding, fitting and showing the animal at livestock shows in the area. Just another great life experience not all students in education have the access to with limitations to land and facilities.

Students will have access to many other options depending on their career interests and ambitions. All these options help build the students sense of responsibility and understand how hard work can be rewarding and fun.


How long does The Agriculture Experience last?

This depends on the student’s individual situation and needs. Ideally, we would like to see students enter the program as a freshman and continue through graduation.  This allows them an opportunity to continue systematically growing their education until they are ready to move to post-secondary education. Each year will add steps in progress and expanded knowledge allowing students to continue growing progressively not only in their education but allowing them to become eligible for more awards, scholarships and build a strong resume.


 How are students selected for The Agriculture Experience?

Students will fill out an application focusing on their interests and why they would like to attend. (You all can add to this as I am not sure of the complete process. I am more than happy to complete this section once we discuss in depth.)